About EcoLeap Energy Solutions

About EcoLeap Energy Solutions

Susan Sigrist (Founder of EcoLeap Energy Solutions)

EcoLeap Energy Solutions (a Natural Resources Canada registered energy advisor) collaborates with AmeriSpec Inspection Services and Barrier Sciences Group (both are Natural Resources Canada licensed service organizations).

Susan Sigrist, the founder of EcoLeap, is a professional engineer and registered energy advisor licensed by Natural Resources Canada.  Susan has over 20 years experience in industry and discovered a passion for energy conservation and efficiency while working for a global manufacturing company in the role of National Energy Conservation Manager.  She was Chair of York Region Environmental Alliance and Director of Sustainable Vaughan and The Don Watershed Regeneration Council.

Susan attended the International Renewable Energy Academy (IREA) for the past two years where like-minded colleagues share their passion, ideas and lessons learned from around the globe.  Her goal is to help homeowners make changes to their homes and their behaviours to reduce energy consumption.  She believes we should all strive for Net Zero homes and buildings and incorporate renewable energy wherever possible.  Climate change and the natural environment are top of mind and she endorses a transition to 100% renewable energy and a green economy.